Stand-alone WordPress Development and Deployment using Server2Go

Following is a summary of my lightning talk on Annotum2Go at the August WordPress DC meetup.

Annotum Theme

Open-source WordPress theme for open access scientific publishing

Annotum stand-alone use cases


  • Stand-alone WAMP stack
    • Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Runs from disk, USB, CD
  • Open-source and free
  • Easily configurable

Important: be sure to set Server2Go to save changes (i.e., non-CD mode) as described here. [Donationware]


  • Pre-configured Annotum runtime environment
  • Custom icon, splash screen (‘gold’ level support from Server2Go)
  • Distributed with FireFox Portable for use in “IE-only” environments e.g Government offices
  • Installs and runs without admin privileges in most cases
  • Completely stand-alone – no internet connection required.
  • Tip: to allow your Annotum2Go (or Server2Go) setup to send mail, install Mercury Mail (and see the instructions in this Gist).
  • Download Annotum2Go:

IMPORTANT: This distribution is intended for personal use on a local system only. It has not been checked for security or stability on servers or on systems accessible from the Internet.

Other Platforms

Running a Mac? a Mac version of Annotum2Go available on the Annotum wiki download page (uses MAMP)

Running a Chromebook? Check out this article on installing a LAMP stack on ChromeOS.

No computer (just a browser)? Check out Koding for a free Linux VM in the cloud with in-browser editing and shell access.

Annotum2Go Demo

Download, unzip and run. That’s it!

Annotum is a product of Solvitor LLC with heavy lifting by Crowd Favorite.

Special thanks to: Google, PLoS, NIH/NLM/NCBI, and Automattic.

Annotum is free (speech and beer).

Contact Carl @gcto on twitter or via

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