Following is a summary of my lightning talk on Annotum2Go at the August WordPress DC meetup.

Annotum Theme

Open-source WordPress theme for open access scientific publishing

Annotum stand-alone use cases


  • Stand-alone WAMP stack
    • Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Runs from disk, USB, CD
  • Open-source and free
  • Easily configurable

Important: be sure to set Server2Go to save changes (i.e., non-CD mode) as described here.

http://www.server2go-web.de/ [Donationware]


  • Pre-configured Annotum runtime environment
  • Custom icon, splash screen (‘gold’ level support from Server2Go)
  • Distributed with FireFox Portable for use in “IE-only” environments e.g Government offices
  • Installs and runs without admin privileges in most cases
  • Completely stand-alone – no internet connection required.
  • Tip: to allow your Annotum2Go (or Server2Go) setup to send mail, install Mercury Mail (and see the instructions in this Gist).
  • Download Annotum2Go: https://github.com/Annotum/Annotum/wiki/Downloads

IMPORTANT: This distribution is intended for personal use on a local system only. It has not been checked for security or stability on servers or on systems accessible from the Internet.

Other Platforms

Running a Mac? a Mac version of Annotum2Go available on the Annotum wiki download page (uses MAMP)

Running a Chromebook? Check out this article on installing a LAMP stack on ChromeOS.

No computer (just a browser)? Check out Koding for a free Linux VM in the cloud with in-browser editing and shell access.

Annotum2Go Demo

Download, unzip and run. That’s it!

Annotum is a product of Solvitor LLC with heavy lifting by Crowd Favorite.

Special thanks to: Google, PLoS, NIH/NLM/NCBI, and Automattic.

Annotum is free (speech and beer).

Contact Carl @gcto on twitter or via https://solvitor.com/contact

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Published on 20. Jun, 2010 by in All Posts, Collaboration, Tools


We use Skype for instant messaging, cheap voice calls including very reasonable rates for international calls, and video conferencing.  I've long been a fan of face-to-face communication as I think you lose something from email-only interactions.  And while phone calls are a step up from text-only media such as email and IM, there's no replacement for the visual cues and context that video can provide. In-person meetings are better still, but the logistics and costs of meeting frequently in the same physical location can be prohibitive for geographically-distributed teams.

In the past, I've used Tandberg video units, which are easy to use, relatively simple to set up and function very well, but their cost is extremely high — list price almost USD 3k for the least expensive unit!  With Skype and a good camera like the Microsoft LifeCam HD Cinema (about $50 with noise-cancelling microphone and true 720p HD quality), you can have a great video-conferencing setup for 5% of the cost of the cheapest Tandberg.

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