What We Do

Let’s be honest…you can’t afford advice. You need cost-effective analysis and implementation solutions that deliver results now.

Translated from Latin, Solvitor means: It shall be solved. This is not only our founding ethos – it is at the core of our direct, metrics-based approach to solving the technology and business problems you face – it is also the result you can expect from every engagement with us.

But a process is only as effective as the results it produces. Our services combine rigorous testing, proven product development and technical implementation, and laser-sharp focus on deliverables to achieve outstanding results for your government agency or business.


Building a scalable, global technology-based business requires more than a good idea and solid execution.  You need a stable, scalable infrastructure, a solid operations team, and proven enterprise-level practices to keep your business operating with no downtime. Beyond the technological foundation, efficient, effective government technology programs require leadership with the proven ability to create result-oriented, collaborative teams that can deliver mission results in Internet time.

With experience in building data centers and technology teams on four continents, Solvitor can provide the following services to your business at any scale from startup to Fortune 100 corporation, from small product teams to multi-million dollar Federal Government programs:

Delivering profitable, scalable, enterprise-class B2B and B2C web applications and services.

Technical due diligence including pre- and post-acquisition staff and technology assessments.

Platform/Product/Technical architecture review

  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Commercial/Open source software/systems selection and implementation

Team formation / team building

Scaling organizations up, down, across locations.

  • Outsourcing
  • Offshoring
  • Inshoring


  • Help Desk/Service Desk
  • Production scalability
  • Service-level  monitoring and delivery

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

  • Assessment, remediation, and implementation of ITIL-based standard services

Enterprise Single-Sign-On, Federated Identity, and Authentication/Credential Management

  • SSO using CA SiteMinder and custom federated identity providers; OpenID, OAuth, and InCommon Federation; Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory and custom LDAP providers.
  • Performance and availability optimization, coordination with high-demand, high-volume, distributed customers and multiple identity providers
  • Multi-factor authentication, PIV/CAC/HSPD-12 support and implementation.

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Business/Technology What

You have an idea for a software or web product, or you face a myriad of technology choices for your business or agency – we’ll help you assess and identify options and implement solutions.

Product Process

  • Optimization (conversion, CTR, registration)
  • Product Selection / Development
  • Open source vs. Commercial options
  • Usability Testing

Web/Ecommerce Business Analysis

  • Partnerships/affiliate model
  • SEO/SEM optimization
  • Online advertising measurement and budgeting
  • Key performance metrics analysis

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Business/Technology How

Once you know what you want your software, business, or government program to do, how do you structure your team and processes to achieve that?

Project/Program Management

  • Agile product development
  • On-time implementation
  • Zero Defects – or required level
  • Product/business goal focus

Technical Architecture

  • Scalability of product, team, hosting

Organizational Structure

  • Agile/XP Technical/Engineering teams
  • Product Development and Implementation
  • “Next Level” maturity / process/organizational development

Engineering Process

  • Agile Ideation/Dev/test/release process
  • Limited (but necessary) specs and documentation
  • Globally distributed or local

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