Who We Are

Cool is flashy. Cool is Temporary. Cool is overrated. 

At Solvitor, we focus on business results, not on “cool.”

We’ve tackled a host of tough technical, organizational, and business challenges and are strong advocates of test-based decision-making.

We don't know how a new web site or feature will perform until:

  • We can clearly state the goal of the site or feature (revenue, registrations, tasks completed, sales, etc.)
  • We can test, with real users, the old application and features versus the new or against a clearly-defined goal

Only by actual testing — seeing how well do the alternatives actually perform in a real environment — can you determine the best course of action for achieving business results.

It is in this spirit that we founded Solvitor.

If you’re ready to find solutions that work, take the first step, and contact Solvitor today for a free initial consultation.

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